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About Us

Market intelligence for the legal industry

Legal Media 360 specialises in the research and analysis of law firm and lawyer rankings and awards from multiple leading industry sources. By implementing holistic investigation techniques, Legal Media 360 provides an unrivalled data driven benchmarking platform for the legal industry.

Legal Media 360 presents buyers of legal services with the key information they need to make a more informed choice in their selection of legal counsel. It is also an essential analytical tool for law firm management teams and business development professionals, allowing them to accurately and easily track the overall performance of not only their firm and its lawyers, but also their competitors.

What makes Legal Media 360 unique?

A large number of businesses accredit law firms and lawyers. However, the legal industry only recognises a handful of these as being reputable (not ‘pay to play’).

These reputable publications all have one thing in common, a dedicated research team conducts a thorough review process to develop their rankings and awards lists. Their rankings are based on a mixture of quantitative and qualitative analysis of law firm case and deal submissions, as well as surveys and interviews with individual private practitioners and in-house counsel.

By employing a comparable methodology, one would expect the rankings and awards between the publications to be consistent, however, a side by side comparison can reveal great diversity in the results.

This is due to a number of factors, including the quality and detail of the law firm submissions, client and law firm participation rates, differences in terminology and categorisation of practice areas, depth of market coverage, as well as the individual(s) responsible for the research process. Making sense of this variance in data across multiple sources is time consuming and can produce inconsistent results.

With so many variables the question is which publication(s) to trust. The answer is all of them.

By utilizing our data analytics and legal industry experience, Legal Media 360 consolidates the rankings and awards into a cohesive and easily comparable data set and provides benchmarking league tables that reveals the true market position of Asia's leading law firms and lawyers, covering 35 practice areas and 19 jurisdictions in one easily navigable and trustworthy source.

Over 45 years of experience in the legal media and data forensic industries

Legal Media 360’s key members have over 45 years of combined experience in the legal media and data forensics industries. Its advisory board includes private practitioners and in-house counsel, as well as business development professionals at international, domestic and specialist firms.

You can have confidence that LM360’s detailed investigative processes have been thoroughly vetted by experienced professionals.

Legal Media 360’s team have come together with the same aim – to provide a simple yet comprehensive benchmarking platform for law firms to use for their business development, and for buyers of legal services to make a more informed choice in their selection of legal counsel.

Research and Analytics

Kin is a senior data analyst and founder of Legal Media 360. Prior to Legal Media 360, Kin was an electronic discovery and computer forensic specialist at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young, where he aided clients in the collection, process, review, and production of electronically stored data. He has provided professional services for a variety of clients including lawyers and legal counsel on regulatory, litigation, and compliance matters, collecting and analyzing data to discover facts relevant to their cases. Kin brings his experience in data analytics and managing complex data sets to Legal Media 360.

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