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User Guide

Legal Media 360 benchmarks the media performance of Asia's leading law firms and lawyers. Only firms and lawyers that are ranked in numerical bands or tiers in source media are included.

Ranking table by jurisdiction

  • Ranking position: A firm’s overall position in a specific jurisdiction based on all available sources
  • Total Rankings: Total number of rankings in which the firm appears across all sources
  • Practice Area: Total number of practice areas in which the firm has been recommended across all sources
  • Overall Average Tier: The average tier in which the firm appears across all sources
  • Change: Highlights a LM360 change in ranking position year-on-year (coming soon)

Search function:

Free text name search for firms and lawyers

Browse by firm

The filter function allows you to conduct a like-for-like comparison between firms in a specific jurisdiction and practice area.

Filter by:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Firm type: International, Domestic, or Offshore
  • Practice area: All practice areas, or main and sub-practice areas

Browse by lawyer

Filter by:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Practice area: All practice areas, or main and sub-practice areas

Key statistics

Offers an overall snapshot of a firm and its ranked lawyer statistics across all jurisdictions and practice areas for the current year

Ranking tables

Each ranking table is split into practice area headings. Depending on market consensus, each practice area may be divided into sub-practice areas.

In some cases, source media do not publish sub-practice area rankings and simply use an overarching ranking (for example “Capital markets” or “Intellectual property”). In these instances the term "General" is used to denote a firm or lawyer's overarching practice area ranking. 


The Awards table shows the number of wins and nominations in the form of win-to-nomination ratio in the currently published year. Only practice area and jurisdictional awards are included at this time.